Ollie Riding – Head of Maths

I joined Caludon Castle as a school direct trainee in 2015/16. Through the support of my subject mentor, professional mentor and faculty as a whole, I passed as an ‘outstanding’ trainee. Since then, I have had lots of opportunities for progression both inside and outside of maths. I have been faculty lead for HA, Y12, KS4 and am now head of maths, as well as being a leader of learning. My progression has been supported with access to internal and external training, in particular aspiring and middle leadership training programmes.

Lizzie Charters – Acting Head of Geography

I completed my teacher training at Caludon Castle and since then I have developed my practice as a teacher and I am now a member of the learning and teaching team with a focus on inclusion. The school have nurtured my passion for inclusion and have developed my skills to help me get to the point where I can deliver CPD. I have gotten to this point through regular CPD put on by the school and outsider speakers/courses. In addition, the school has nurtured my leadership skills through the aspiring leaders programme and coaching.

Jodie Pettipher – Head of English

I started at Caludon as a School Direct trainee and have progressed to Head of English, taking on roles as KS5 English lead and KS4 English lead before this. Caludon has put me through the Aspiring Leaders programme, the Outstanding Teacher programme and the Excellence in Middle Leadership programme to help progress me as a leader and improve my leadership skills.

Tom Ricketts – KS3 and Transition Leader of Spanish Y11 Lead for Welfare and Resilience

I trained as a languages teacher at Caludon in 2018. Over the last four years I have been supported with my professional development and have been given the opportunity to explore the multitude of options within teaching. I now have several responsibilities that include curriculum and pastoral roles. Within my department, I lead on KS3 and transition Spanish. Whole school wide, as a leader of learning, I focus on the impact technology has on education and how it can enhance it. Finally, I support my year team by leading on welfare, exam strategy, resilience and rewards. Through CPD and shadowing others I have been well-equipped to take on these roles and have very much enjoyed growing as a teacher.

Victoria McManus – Deputy Headteacher

Having started at Caludon as a Maths NQT over 16 years ago, I have navigated my way through a variety of roles that have led me to my current position of Deputy Headteacher. The desire to remain at Caludon has been in no small part fuelled by the varied, interesting and challenging opportunities that I have had the privilege to be part of. From a comprehensive induction programme, to targeted learning and teaching development with ‘Cre8us’, an outside agency focussed on developing quality classroom practice, to internal leadership courses at all levels, I have ensured that I am constantly developing as both a classroom practitioner and a leader. My passion for learning and teaching has been constantly nurtured through the opportunity to become an accredited Lead Learning Practitioner and lead the Mathematics faculty, to being a Lead Learning Faculty. Having had some responsibilities in Mathematics I gained the opportunity to become faculty leader, allowing me to continue to drive improvement through quality first learning and teaching. Part of this legacy remains in the unique learning environments that exist in Mathematics and I continue to drive improvement through empowering staff and students to enhance and transform learning creatively using technology. As faculty leader, I developed a wider role in school and drove the implementation of a dynamic new form of disseminated responsibility called Faculty Centred Leadership which included redevelopment of the quality assurance process. My leadership journey has now led me to oversee the Quality of Education within Caludon as part of my Deputy Headteacher role, along with leading curriculum, timetable and faculty centred leadership. This has been further extended to incorporate a role in developing trust wide learning and teaching via the steering group. I am very aware of the need to dedicate time to reflect and evaluate regularly and to look for opportunities to continue to develop which for me currently will be the NPQH.

Alice Mottram – Teacher of English and Sociology

I joined Foxford in 2020 as a Teach First trainee in the English department and am now a second year Early Career Teacher. I have been given responsibility for aspects of our English curriculum and have been able to work with and learn from colleagues across the trust in developing these new schemes of work. I am now also teaching A Level sociology, which is another opportunity for me to continue my professional development. Outside of the classroom, I have set up the Foxford Pride Network – an extracurricular club for LGBT+ students and allies. Through the support of my colleagues, these opportunities have enabled me to become a confident and empowered leader in my own classroom.