Trust Strategic Planning

Castle Phoenix Trust Strategic Aims

“Growing confident learners”

1. Curriculum

The curriculum is stimulating and challenging and enables pupils to progress from one year to the next with a particular focus on the knowledge, skills and understanding required for each subject in each year group. In particular, it is important to relate each school’s curriculum to the uniqueness of each school community. Broadening horizons should be a key thread running through each school.

There is an increased focus on Ambition 1 reading.

2. Inclusion

All children within our Trust are supported to achieve their best. In particular, provision for our most able, SEND, Disadvantaged, EAL pupils is excellent.

3. Learning & Teaching

Learning and teaching is consistently ‘great’ (very effective teaching leading to improved pupil outcomes for future success when they leave school) with a focus on Ambition 4 Impactful Teaching. Digital technology enhances and transforms learning

Ambition 3 Creative Learning

4. Achievement

Pupils make good progress within the Trust and achieve well with a particular focus on disadvantage pupils, our most able and SEND pupils.

Ambition 6 Achievement

5. Behaviour and Attendance

Pupils demonstrate respect to all. Pupils attendance is high with a focus on supporting good attendance for our most disadvantaged pupils.

6. Personal Development

All children within our Trust feel well cared for, take pride in and value their school. Pupils grow to be confident communicators who are ambitious for their future.

Ambition 2 and 6 Oracy and Aspirations

7. Leadership

Leadership at all levels (for staff, governors and pupils) is innovative and effective with a particular focus on middle leadership.

8. Financial Stability

The Trust will continue to provide financial stability, manage risks effectively and deliver resources efficiently.

9. ICT Development

The new ICT communication infrastructure across schools within the Trust will enable increased accessibility, flexibility for working, and efficiency of sharing of resources. We intend to establish consistent Trust protocols and security practices that currently exist in the best of our schools across all schools to strengthen security and improve operational standards.